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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by words – how they sound, weird spellings, meanings, etc. I still remember as a small child trying to figure out who decided that a tree was a tree or that a bird was a bird. I’m sure all kids think that way, right?

In my daily life, I write a lot of things and for the most part I write about many different things. This is a good thing because if I get stuck, I can move to something else for a little while and come back to whatever it was that I got stuck on. I find these little breaks to be helpful in those times where I just can’t get the words out properly right away. Of course, not everyone can do this.

For those instances or when you have a little writer’s block and just need to get some words flowing, here’s some fun websites to visit.

Check out the writing games and text generators.

 This site can help get your brain working. Sometimes the key to writing good copy is starting with writing just anything.

This is a good visual word association tool.


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