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I watch a lot of tv. A LOT.

Now before you go picturing an anti-social hermit, my tv watching of late revolves mostly around Netflix and it’s wide and often mind-numbing children’s programming. One of the greatest benefits of this is that it’s all commercial free! However as someone in marketing, I do find myself missing out on what my favourite brands are doing to push their product.

Enter the Super Bowl.

Every year at this time we are hit with commercials trying their best to win out for favourite amongst all the clutter. Some do a great job of capitalizing on the excitement of the fans by shocking them (I’m talking to you Chevy).

Others aim to make us cry so hard we turn to beer we normally wouldn’t touch for comfort (sorry Budweiser).

Overall I see the Super Bowl as less of a game and more of a reason to watch commercials. Although I’m sure like most I just turn to the internet to see them all without the game to interrupt me.

Here is a link to a great summary of the ones that stood out this year.

Which one is your favourite?

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