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So I was thinking last week, why do I love what I do?

Because I really really do. Not that I don’t have bad days, that is inevitable, but 98.4% of the time, I am loving it.

I realized that one of the reasons that I have always loved being “agency” side vs. “client” side is because I get to learn about so many different organizations and sectors. The diversity thrills me.

One day I get to tour Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta, learn about them and the next day I get to learn about submersible pumps in Fort McMurray. I have learned so much over the years about so many different companies, fields, practices and met so many unique people.

The people also make me love what I do. It is learning how to communicate with different people, find out what makes them tick, and work with them – often developing great long term relationships. These are clients and suppliers alike.

All around I just love it – and I hope the learning never stops.

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