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Who am I?  There’s a heavy question.

I’ll try and spare you the commentary of my travels down the road to self-actualization and just stick to the facts.

Fact: If I had to live on a deserted island and could only bring one person and one non survival-y item I’d bring my daughter and my iPhone.  (yes, I know the battery would run out and there wouldn’t likely be service and blah, blah, blah but let’s face it, this whole island thing is NEVER going to happen.)

Fact: I’ve wanted to work in advertising ever since I saw what Angela Bower from Who’s The Boss did for a living.

Fact: I think all clowns are creepy.  Even the ones that don’t eat children.

Fact: I’m both a strategist and a “creative”.  This all makes perfect sense in zodiac land.  What’s my sign?  Gemini of course.  Yay duality.

Fact: For the last 10 years I’ve been living the Angela Bower dream.

Fact: I think people that DON’T eat their grilled cheese sandwiches with Ketchup are severely messed up.

Fact: All b.s. aside, I really am pretty darn good at my job, which by the way, is Director of Strategic Development.

| February 2 | Who we are
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3 responses to “Who is Jamie Kelln?”

  1. Midtown says:

    I too loved Who’s the Boss.I can still hear the threme song echo in my mind…

    ♫ ♫ There’s a time for love and a time for living.
    You take a chance and face the wind.
    An open road and a road that’s hidden
    A brand new life around the bend. ♫ ♫

    Do you think it is okay to have Catsup with your grilled cheese? I prefer Catsup.

  2. jamie kelln says:

    As long as you’re not eating your grilled cheese and Catsup dressed like a clown, it’s all good. As a marketer I just naturally gravitate to the Ketchup.

  3. Cam says:

    I agree with the clowns thing, but i’m a no go on who’s the boss, Tony whined too much. Ketchup is a wonderful thing…. except on KD!

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