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We all know everyone and their dog is an advertising critic but do people not in marketing ever think about the people behind the creative?  Do other people in marketing even do that or is it just me?

This morning as I waited in line for my coffee I took in all the holiday coffee advertising and wondered how long ago the people who had to create the posters and shelf talkers and door decals began the process.  When I see the billboards, ads or materials with typos and errors I wonder about the copywriter and if they felt that horrible sinking feeling because they missed something.  I wonder if the Budweiser King of Beers campaign came to be after a long day of brainstorming and someone in the creative department went home, sat down on the couch, twisted off the cap of a cold one and simply by fluke turned the cap over (in my mind they also weren’t even drinking a Budweiser).

Does anyone else out there do this or are most people just interested in the clever stuff that makes them laugh or the ads/slogans/images that are unintentionally dirty?  Don’t get me wrong I like those too.


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