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I’m a mom and moms talk about their kids.  As they are the centre of our universe, it’s inevitable.  So here’s your warning: I may get a little “mom” on you from time to time.

While I like to think I’m responsible for all the good my daughter learns (and that the not so good she’s picked up from other people), it’s interesting when I think of what she has taught me.

Here’s what we can all learn from children in relation to business and marketing:

– Put out into the world what you want known
– Try new things
– Learn every day and adapt
– Use your words (communicate)
– Copying others does not always lead to good things
– Learn from doing it “wrong”
– There’s a whole world of colour waiting to be explored

2 responses to “What Do Kids Know Anyway?”

  1. Midtown says:

    I learned from children that I actually don’t like children. But I suppose they can be okay at times.

    I do like their BRUTAL honesty. So offensive at times.


  2. jamie kelln says:

    The beauty is you don’t have to like kids to learn from them. They have this completely fresh and simple view of the world and that’s a hard thing to find anywhere else.

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