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These two simple words  evoke so many different emotions. Love. Hate. And everything in between. Whether it’s a stranger, friend, family member or significant other – everyone deserves a little extra L-O-V-E this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some easy ways that we can all spread the love a little further this year:

  • Send an anonymous Valentine to someone who needs it
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee or breakfast
  • Pick up the phone and call someone you love
  • Give a compliment to a cashier or server
  • Buy flowers and hand them out one-by-one on the street or in a mall
  • Leave a six-pack of beer and a hilarious card on your friend’s doorstep. Pair this treat with the perfect DaniPress postcard. Bonus points for bringing pizza and joining in on the carb fest!
  • Make dinner for your family and surprise them with an easy Valentine’s Day dessert
  • Send an old fashioned card in the mail to an old friend. This cute DaniPress card will do the trick
  • Bring a treat to share with your co-workers. My personal favourite work treat includes cinnamon, sugar and more sugar

It’s not hard and it doesn’t need to be sappy – just thoughtful. Everyone always says, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and this year, I am determined to make my Valentine’s Day thoughts count.

Xoxo (sorry, I just couldn’t resist)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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