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How did this happen so fast? Our kids are all grown up now and are launched into worlds of their own.  We love them, we miss them and are so excited for them to begin to shape their own lives.

Well, what does that mean for my husband and I? A new chapter, that’s what.

As part of that, we recently moved from our big family acreage in Sherwood Park into a downtown condo and every day I am discovering new things.

I decided to check out the river valley. Now that seems to be like a normal thing to do being an Edmontonian and all but to be honest, I’ve never done it. For the last 22 years, my life has consisted of commuting from Sherwood Park to Edmonton > Work > Back to Sherwood Park > Do family things > Sleep > Wake up the next day > Repeat.

For my first river valley adventure, I parked next to the Royal Glenora, ran up the stairs, headed across the High Level Bridge, down to the Kinsmen Rec Centre and worked my way through the trails.

I remember being in absolute awe, looking around like I was in a strange land.  What? Where did these trails come from? I had no idea these were even here. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was during that run, that I had my next blog topic pop into my head:

Country Girl Moves To The City To Experience Nature

I felt silly that I didn’t know but more excited that now I did. I just couldn’t believe these hidden gems were right here, right under my nose and ready to discover.

So if you want to get a new view of Edmonton like I did, check out the River Valley Trails and while you’re at it, check out the Parks too.

Perhaps you already have and I was the last one to know.

Either way, get out there and enjoy what our beautiful City has to offer especially now that summer has arrived.


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