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While I love a good challenge, I also love things that make designing easier and more efficient. Here are my top 5 new finds that I think every designer should have in their toolbox:


Whether you work off a 32” monitor or a 13” laptop, desktop space always seems to be an issue with palettes and windows. Most of us carry around a phone or tablet these days and iDisplay can help turn them into secondary monitors. It’s as easy as downloading the desktop app from their site and then grabbing the (paid) app on your device.


Most designers know about the Lipsum site but did you know there is a handy app you can download to your desktop? LittleIpsum adds an icon to your menu bar that you can quickly access and pull one word all the way up to 4 paragraphs of text to use. It’s automatically copied to your clipboard and easily placed into your work.


Nothing makes me happier than a good grid. This Photoshop extension allows for automated layout of your grids and guides, forming rows and columns with automatic gutters, margins and spacing. You are able to save your custom layouts, making it super easy to get a clean set for each new project.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to save down images and optimise them for the web. This handy site takes your images and squeezes the last bytes out of them while retaining the quality. Once it’s done performing its magic you receive them all nicely packaged in a zip for download.


This handy bookmark allows you to highlight and find out what font you are seeing on any website, basically taking any guesswork out of your favourite finds.

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