zag creative

1. Me

Trina Danis, Creative Director.

2. Black

My absolute all-time favourite colour. 95% of my wardrobe is black, the other 5% were gifts.

3. Headphones

Music is an absolute must while working. I find it both inspiring and effective at drowning out the rush requests from client services.

4. Double Bubble

Strangely addicting – this jar used to be full of them. Its ok though, I am more of a glass half empty person anyway.

5. Pantone Swatches

A design staple when creating identities. The difference for me is that if I had it my way every client would receive a logo from the Pantone Cool Grey family.

6. Hand San/Hand Cream

One cleans away the germs and the other fills the cracks left behind by the evaporated alcohol. I have a touch of OCD.

7. Starbucks

I am a firm believer that a Chai a day keeps the doctor away.

8. Mouse

Apple made a mouse filled with magic and its all mine.

9. iPhone

My best friend. We do everything together. Yes, EVERYTHING.

10. Monitor

Most designers end up wearing glasses after 12 years in this business. I just get larger monitors.

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