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Yes, I am a Rogers customer and when my phone wouldnt work I truly thought it was the end. First I experienced anger (which escalated to a bit of rage), then confusion, acceptance and finally understanding. If you had told me before this day that I would feel that lost without being able to call anyone I would have labelled you crazy. But as I drove to meet a friend and frantically dialed over and over only to have my phone cut out I realized how much I really rely on it. I even wondered how I would get a hold of her to make sure we were still meeting. Do they even have payphones anymore? And if I found one, how would I pay – I dont carry change? And then there are the germs but thats a whole other post…

So how did I survive? After considering which stores to loot first when the riots started, I broke a lesser law (shhhh) and found my way onto Facebook while at a set of lights (dont worry they were red). It was there I discovered that the 3G network had crashed and I could simply modify my settings and rejoin the free world. Now I know I have talked about my strained relationship with Facebook in the past but I do have to say that without it in this instance there is no telling what kind of mess I would have been. I seem to owe them my sanity. How is that for scary?

Since that fateful day I have been trying to distance myself from my phone. I dont take it to bed at night anymore or let it ride shotgun in the car. I am working toward a more technology free existence so that should this happen again I wont feel as lost or alone. I will let you know how it goes.

| September 9 | Technology
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