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While there are a ton of things that bug me such as people who yield in the free flow lane (a personal blood boiler for me) and the neighbour’s yappy little dog (who always seems to be outside at 6:00 am on a Saturday), I’m going to share some word-y things that set my teeth on edge.

It’s pique your interest not peak

It’s (a contraction for it is) and its (possessive version of it) – they are in no way interchangeable

There (location), their (possessive version of they) and they’re (a contraction of they are) – again, they’re not interchangeable

It’s “please advise” not “advice”

i.e. means in other words while e.g. means for example

The over use of uber and epic – not everything is uber or epic

Irregardless – Come on people that’s just a stupid thing to say!

Some sound-y things:


Ruff (roof)





By the by – Why not by the way?  What does by the by even mean?

Squaring the circle – Uh, what?

At the end of the day – I’m guilty of saying it but it doesn’t mean I like it.

In closing, there is no such song as Cat Man Joe.  It’s Cotton-Eyed Joe.

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