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I love the basement. Its dark, its cozy and for the most part I can work undistracted. That is, until about 2pm everyday.

I dont know what it is about our office location but there is an alarming amount of people that tend to loiter outside our office door. Now, seeing how I work in the basement, you would think that it really wouldnt matter to me. Well check this out:

I call it my “window of unknown”. Everyday there is someone who stands in that small crack unaware that I can see them. I have had:

1.  A private dancer. He uses the reflection in the glass to hone his performance skills, and when too warm is not afraid to shed some layers.

2. People with things in their teeth who again utilize the glass to search and destroy the offending food particles.

3. Squatters. These are people who decide to lean against the glass in a seated position in lieu of a chair. Guess what my view is when that happens.

At first these occurrences were full on disturbing, then a little scary and now I just find them fascinating. I have really grown to love the fact that they have absolutely no idea I can see them.

So, I will continue working away anticipating the arrival of 2pm. If you plan on stopping by the building today and feel the urge to do something hoping no one is looking, just know that I am.

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  1. Bree says:

    Haha, I thoroughly enjoyed this read considering I know of the Dancing Man… I hope to be around at 2pm soon. 😉

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