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Everyone has their “thing”.  You know the “thing” that gets you all jazzed and excited?

Well one of my “things” is awesome creative.  I just love the stuff.  I absolutely love stumbling across clever and creative workmanship.  I just find it so incredibly inspiring.  I believe it is because I know all too well what it takes to create that work.  We all just get to experience the end product but I know that each and every one of these amazing ideas began with a blank piece of paper and an end goal.  The rest is pure creativity and crazy hard work.

Let me share with you my latest finds.

I absolutely loved this.  Check out the award-winning “Back to the Start” campaign from Chipotle communicating the world of industrial food production and how they choose to use only sustainable farming for their products.   Not to stop there, they came back with one more.  I also love that they also created message extension through a free, arcade-style adventure game for the iPhone and iPad as well.  So brilliant.

We’ve come a long way from the ads from the past, haven’t we?  I mean really?  A short film to promote a product? I love it.  I also have a personal reason for my excitement.  In August, our twin boys got accepted and are now attending the Vancouver Film School where they will be learning how to create workmanship like this and I am so excited for them. I can’t wait to see where their imagination takes them.

Just for funnzies and for your further enjoyment, here are You Tube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in September.

Happy viewing!


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