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The Struggle of Your Twenties

Quarter-life crisis. This was a term that I started using this year as a joke whenever I needed an excuse for being dramatic. By my 24th birthday, I realized that I was using this phrase way more to describe my life and that was because I felt like everything and everyone was changing around me. That’s when I developed an understanding that as much as your twenties are supposed to be the best times of your life, they are often the hardest because you’re supposed to pick a path. I’ve been lucky enough to live in both Toronto and Edmonton during these “epic” years and I’ve met a lot of great and interesting Twenty-ians. Based on my interactions, I’ve come up with three paths to choose from:


If you’re reading this and are suffering from a headache and/or nausea, then this section pertains to you. You live life with zero regrets and I envy you that you’re probably the life of the party and have way more friends than me. These Twenty-ians will travel and post Instagram photos that make you so envious and jealous that you may reconsider your life goals. It takes a confident person to embark on the YOLO path; partying definitely doesn’t get any easier with age. My advice to you is to be safe and never change –find a way to make money and party at the same time.

Married Life Path

If your phone background is a pet, a hot girl/guy or some inspirational quote, then you must belong to the solo club and can skip this section. These Twenty-ians have baby names picked out in their notes folder and have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to future wedding planning. You “married life pathers” are the lucky ones. You will never have to experience dating in your twenties (it’s more of a job than fun) and you always have someone to watch Netflix with. My advice to you is to make sure to travel with your future partner before you marry them (a lot of weirdness comes out while travelling) and try not to rub it in all of our faces on social media about how happy you are.

Me, Myself and I Path

My guess is that someone at some point has told you that you’re intimidating. These Twenty-ians have gone to the movies by themselves, get excited to go back to school and would give up a Friday night if it meant they were going to get ahead. You put yourself first in anything you do and crossing off items on a list gives you butterflies. You have a 5 or 10-year plan and you’ll do whatever it takes to stick to it and I applaud you for that. Drive can be the most attractive trait to any Twenty-ian. My advice to you is to keep your eyes on the prize, but find a couple of friends on the other paths to balance you out.

So my fellow Twenty-ians, which path do you follow?

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