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I’m a fan of words.

For some folks who know me well, they would say I’m a fan of many words. Okay,  so I like to explain things.  I liken my verbose communication style to painting a picture and filling in all of the itty bitty colors in every corner of the topic.   I guess I just want to ensure that I am making myself really, really, clear.

My kids used to tease me that when they got into the trouble for doing something wrong, that their punishment was to listen to me (for a reeeaaaalllly long time), explain in detail why their choices weren’t good ones.  Then I would explain again in detail as I wanted to make sure they heard me for first time.

So imagine this.  Take someone who is a fan of words and then throw in some speed.  Yes, I realize I can sometimes get going and end up talking super fast. We have a coffee machine here at the office where you can choose a cappuccino, latte or an expresso.  I tend to hit all 3 and have it in one cup of coffee.  I call it my “cappu-latte-spresso”.   Hmmmm….no wonder I can get going and talk fast sometimes.  I should revisit that.

Anyhoodle, being the fan of words that I am, I really loved this You Tube video that was passed onto me this week by a friend.  I always appreciate great creative and I simply loved the message in this. Enough said.  Enjoy The Power of Words

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  1. John Su says:

    Words are the mirror to one’s mind. As you know, my business coaches are language profilers and hence they read peoples minds, I’m just glancing into their world. Great post!

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