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So I have a new reality TV show to love but this time I don’t feel like I need to hide it.  This ain’t Jersey Shore b&*#@es. It’s reality TV for grown ups – The Pitch airing on AMC.

Admittedly my growing infatuation has a lot to do with the fact that I can relate to the central theme on a personal level.  But while I love to see advertising ideas and creative, the aspect of the show that I find I most enjoy is the process.  I am enthralled by the very different ways the firms tackle the creative development process and how the firms are structured.  There are highly collaborative firms, firms that pit staff against each other, small firms and jumbos.  Judging by the few episodes I have watched, it seems all forms and configurations produce results but at what cost?  There are some peeks into the personal lives of some of the people at the firms and I have to say that’s where some of the real horrifying show content comes from.  While some of these firms may have cool offices it appears their culture is eating their people alive.

If you are listening AMC, I think there’s some show ideas in following up on what happens after The Pitch and taking a look at the culture of the firms and the affect on the lives of the people that work there.




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