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I have always been a huge fan of hard earned wisdom whether earned myself or earned then shared by others.

My favourite quote of all time is “Experience.  She gives the test first and the lesson later”.  I suppose it’s meaningful to me because I feel like I’ve lived that quote, being the “learn by doing” person that I am.  I’ve had to fall on my face a number of times in my life only to get back up, shake off the dirt and think “Wow, I’m not going to do that again. Lesson learned.”  As an additional kick in the butt, I gently remind myself, “Miss the lesson, you kinda missed the point. Don’t miss the point”.

Maybe that’s why I have such respect and fascination for those who have blazed the trail before me and then can report back on what they’ve learned in an articulate, meaningful and life impacting way.  Perhaps it’s because it helps me to navigate my own life’s journey.

I was reminded of that wisdom and trail blazing this past week.  A dear friend shared the 2005 Stanford Commencement Address that Steve Jobs gave on “How to live before you die”.  It’s approximately 15 minutes and he shares 3 amazing lessons.  I’ve listened to it a good half dozen times since it was shared with me and I find it profound, insightful, haunting, powerful, relevant, humble, inspiring and incredibly wise.  I’ve shared this message with whomever would listen to it; my husband, my kids and my friends.  I’ve said that this is a message for them. Actually I believe it’s a message for everyone.

So do yourself a favour.  Take a coffee break, check it out and be moved.

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

This is a man who I heard left billions of dollars in Apple’s bank account when he passed away.  This is also a man who once stated that he “wanted to to make a ding in the universe”  (not the country or the world…that would be the universe) and it would be this same man, who actually did accomplish this humble yet audacious goal.

Well I figured that a man who could accomplish what he had in his short lifetime here, would know a thing or two and I’d be smart to listen to his hard earned wisdom.

Thank you for blazing the trail and changing the world.  You’ve profoundly inspired me and many, many others as well.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

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