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We talk about brands all the time.  Granted, that dialogue is generally in the context of a company, a product or a service.

But it got me thinking.

What about our own personal brands and how we come off to the people we interact with every day?  How do people view us?  What do we do that aids in forming an opinion about who we are and essentially communicating our “brand” to those around us?

I was thinking about this when catching all the media frenzy around Charlie Sheen and his bizarre behavior and unpredictable antics lately. He is coming off as unstable and people are concerned questioning his choices, his alcohol and drug use and ultimately his emotional wellbeing.

My sister shared with me last weekend that she heard there is now a new phrase that people are using to refer to someone who’s gone crazy, “That person is totally “Sheening” right now.”  Yikes.

I thought “Jeez Charlie, what are you doing?”

This is a guy whom I have loved since seeing him in the ridiculous movie “Hot Shots” in 1991 (if you like Airplane humor, this is your kind of movie).  I feel he is a brilliant comedian absolutely nailing the character Charlie, the drunk train wreck, in Two and a Half Men.  Apparently art really does imitate life.

Now I find myself looking at him differently and it’s not in a good way.

Yes, offers are coming in since being fired and I’m sure he’ll land on his feet and still be successful in spite of himself but what about the collateral damage to his personal brand in the meantime?  His choices right now will always be part of his history. It reminded me how powerful our choices really are and how it could take years to build something great but only mere moments to shatter it.

I hope “Good Time Charlie” does what he needs to do to get well and get back on track.  I also hope he considers the court of public opinion and what could have a lasting effect on his brand.  I personally hope he doesn’t do so much damage that he can’t come back from.

If he does, he may want to consider a “re-brand” and go back to his birth name “Carlos Irwin Estevez”.

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