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Because I’m a habitual reader, (ok, maybe I’m a pathological reader, I was sounding out the French on cereal boxes before the English even made sense) I find myself drawn to words. I see them and I have to decipher them, roll them around my tongue and decide if they have just the right texture for the circumstances.

In very dry, jargon-like ways sometimes the words fail to capture the magnificence of possibility inherent to a situation. Advertising jargon has been failing me a lot lately. We’re all talking about the value of the content experience – in social media, in person and and in human terms. We’re trying to Make Something Edmonton and we’re discussing the ways we concoct these amazing happenings in the hopes that being open about the process will encourage more people to try.

But the words Content Experience do no justice to the moments they describe. We’re talking about the carefully considered, strategic creation of an emotional experience relevant to the life you’re living. It’s about reaching down deep into the parts of us that tickle, or cry, or opening up and wondering what if? (And yes, that sentence just made me a little ill. That’s how comfortable I am talking about it.)

But I know what it is and I know we do it everyday. So now I wonder – if we can do this work, that pushes us in directions that we didn’t know we had, and pulls from every skill we’ve ever learned while forcing us to stretch just that little bit further… can’t we at least come up with a name that doesn’t feel like I’m choking on the remnants of that dusty cereal box from 1983?

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