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Apparently it’s happening, but before we talk about its comeback, we need to talk about its demise.  Everyone remembers those Gap ads and those Gap ad rip offs, but when did people stop shopping at the Gap? I know for me it was when I came to terms with the reality that their clothes didn’t fit me (size or style) and were kind of cheap (quality).

I was never a Gap shopper, but was constantly dragged in there by friends who shopped there.  And I wanted to shop there, I did, even though it just wasn’t for me.  Something happened between the early 2000s and 2010 (besides me aging past the target demographic). Gap stopped being the store that teens and those in their early twenties shopped in.

So why in the hell did I ever want to wear khakis??  I assume marketing must have played a major role. (And maybe brainwashing, because who aspires to wear khakis and jean shirts?)

On the positive side:

– They had a clean, no frills kind of image
– I read somewhere that Sharon Stone made a best-dressed list in a Gap t-shirt
– They used a ton of celebrity endorsements
– They created trends
– They played off classic pieces – i.e. jeans
– Their ads used music that sticks (if you watched the YouTube clip you’ll know what I mean – especially 4 hours from now when it’s still in your head)

So in my humble opinion, what Gap needs to “get back” is relevance to its target audiences.  In order to do that it likely needs a bit of an image overhaul (no one wants to shop where their moms used to shop) and to promote itself as an aspirational, sought after brand.  What do you think?

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