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I’m sure you’ve heard this one before  “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you’re right.”

I’ve always believed that what we allow to fill our headspace steers and guides us throughout our life.  Time and time again, that has proven true for me.  I recall many instances where I just believed I could shoot for the moon and perhaps I’d land on the stars or that if I worked hard enough, I could transform something strong into something superb.   It was almost like I didn’t know well enough that I should be scared or fearful.  I think I just had a case of blind faith coupled with naïve confidence.  I seemed to live the Nike tagline of “Just do it” and I’m really happy to report more times than not, great things always seem to come my way.

I recall in the late 80’s (now I’m dating myself) walking into the Radio Shack Head Office in Vancouver as a bold 19 year old, my resume in hand, going up against dozens of far more experienced candidates for the job of Executive Assistant to Two District Managers.  I took typing in high school; sadly that was the extent of my experience.  I sat there secretly terrified (but refused to show it) as I told Bryan Dunn, Regional Manager, “If you hire me, I’ll be the best damn secretary you have ever hired”.   (I can’t believe I said that but I seriously did).  Well he did hire me and later he told me that I WAS his best hire.   I recall asking him after we had worked together for awhile “Why would you have done that, there were far more skilled candidates than I”.  He smiled and said something I’d never forget “Ronda, skills can be taught, attitude can’t”.

My son called me this week and shared a huge accomplishment for him at school which happened as a result of him going outside of the “average” and showing incredible initiative.  Well it got him noticed big time and I told him I was so proud of him.  I’m really glad that I drove my beliefs into our kids’ heads.  Be yourself.  Be genuine and authentic.  Show initiative.  Have work ethic. Whatever you do, do it exceptionally well.

I came across an article this week from Seth Godin where he talked about “If you’re an average worker, you’re going straight to the bottom.  However, if you’re different somehow and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more”.

I agree with Seth.  As a partner and the director of business development for our company, I am always so proud to share with perspective new clients what I feel makes us different and it’s that unique offering that sets us apart and attracts fantastic clients and engaged staff.  Frankly, we don’t want to be average.  We want to shoot to always to be exceptional.

That said, we know exceptional doesn’t mean perfect because no one is however we will never stop having lofty goals and shooting to be our very best and offer our very best to our clients every single day.



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