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Work in the creative industry always requires a unique balance between subjective and the objective. It’s always a mistake to put too much of your personal preferences into a collaborative process, but at the same time if you don’t bring a strong piece of yourself into the picture the project will lose some of the passionate spark that could take it from standard to spectacular.

Last week I had the opportunity to see Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic speak at Grant MacEwan University. He talked about the history of The Designers Republic, from their humble, counter culture beginnings to their rise to working with huge brands like Coca-Cola. What was fascinating about seeing the process and progress of The Designers Republic was how effectively they managed to capture the voice of the brands that they were working with while retaining their commitment to their rather anti-establishment style they have established.

It was refreshing to hear Ian Anderson talk so frankly about his design philosophy, and I think I can take a lot away from his absolute confidence in the power of a distinct vision.


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