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You’re so strategic you’re almost clairvoyant. This is the person that zag creative is looking to add to our strategy team. Crystal balls and Tarot cards aside, you are an experienced strategist and one of those people that think 10 steps ahead. Always.

While the ability to see the future is not a required skill, seeing the bigger picture is. The ideal person for this position thinks big and understands how all the small parts fit together. It’s not enough to have the ideas, the ability to convey how those ideas are carried out to achieve results is critical.

You are able to work collaboratively with a team but can also rock the solo missions as well. When it comes to the development of marketing and communications plans, you’ve worked on so many that it’s hard to pick one as being the best (but try and think of one because we will ask). Basically you are a seasoned veteran that keeps coming to the table with new ideas. You’ve learned from your experiences but understand that marketing is ever evolving and being open-minded is sometimes the key to awesomeness.

Tell us more about how your experience makes you the right person for a Strategist role at zag creative. Forward your resume to Trina Danis, VP Creative Services at

Short listed applicants will be contacted for interviews.

*This position has been filled.

| September 9 | Job Postings,News
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