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Ever have a moment when you need to just stop thinking? You know, just a second to let the 50 million thoughts running through your mind slow down to a power walk? I do. When these moments come about, I like to distract myself by going on a “YouTube Trip” – just bounce from vid to vid.

The other day it so happened that I landed in the middle of the most notorious marketing war – the battle between Coke and Pepsi. Now I am a Pepsi girl myself – for their taste in beverage and marketing tactics (though that polar bear family is pretty cute).

As I was perusing the commercials I noticed something that I’m not sure too many people have (or maybe I’m the last player off the bench on this one?).

Take a look at these:

1) 1995

2) 2010

Notice anything similar?

Once again I applaud Pepsi and their marketing geniuses – same ad, 15 years apart… LOVE IT! Some things never change…



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