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What does social even mean anymore?  Does it mean texting someone?  What about Facebooking them? Tweeting them?  Pinning them?  Honestly I barely even remember what it means to be social anymore.  I think what we are creating is a lot more socially awkward people.  I remember when being social meant getting together and having an in person…conversation.

How many people don’t look you in the eye anymore?  How many people text you if they can’t meet a commitment? How many people think that Facebooking you is just as good as picking up the telephone?  When did this become okay?

I admit it, I am also a person that does this sometimes, although I always look people in the eye (in fact for those who know me well have told me I have crazy eyes…).

It is starting to really bother me though.  I would just like to go back to the days when things were easier, 35 people weren’t cc:ed on emails and all feeling the need to respond, when my LinkedIn account wasn’t hacked into, and when I didn’t have so many ways to be contacted that it is almost impossible to go off the grid – ever.

I still really think that this is something that is going to end eventually.  I think people will go back to the basics and the human contact and some sanity with their lives.

Here’s hoping…

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