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So I have people asking me all the time, what type of social media do we need, how do we do it, when do we need it, how can we make it work for us.  WE NEED IT!

Before even engaging in social media, companies have to ask themselves what does our brand look like in a world where everyone is connected?  Is our message relevant?

Social media is an ever growing and changing landscape.  Is it something that provides a “silver bullet” for your business?  Not in my opinion.  When used with a strong combination of a great strategy, well thought through creative, traditional media, and some solid measurement – that is where the rubber hits the road.

Facebook, twitter, digg,, youtube, and many more; they are all good when used in the right way with the right strategy and the right media mix.  Just throwing up a facebook page or starting a twitter account is not the proper way to use it.

It is really important not to turn a blind eye and to not be complacent with how things have always been done in the advertising world.  However, it seems that sometimes, we like to make things way more complex than they need to be.  Social media is not a creature to be afraid of, but another avenue to reach your targets.

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