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It used to be if your company didn’t have a website, you were way behind the times. This is still true by the way, but now if your company is not engaging its audiences via social media you may also be missing out on in more ways than one.

SEO is a constantly evolving practice and when you happen to be the biggest search powerhouse, you get to make most of the rules.  Google is continuing to move forward with its focus on original content and the engagement of people versus keywords.  So what does this mean?  It means Google wants you to engage your customers online (and why wouldn’t they?) and the more ways you do this, the better off your rankings will be (because let’s face it Google is making the rules here).

What else does that mean? It’s time to re-think social media as part of your marketing strategy.  These tools are not just for looking up old friends (read: creeping exs) and finding out why the traffic is at a standstill on Highway 2. They are gaining in prominence and should not be overlooked as viable marketing tools. /rant.

If you want to read more.  Read this.


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