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It’s 12 days until Christmas and I have to admit, my head is spinning.  I really tried to be more organized this year by starting my shopping in July.  Even with that, there’s still so much to do, so little time.

With the holidays just around the corner, I am thinking of all the things that I still need to do.  I have a list of things to organize, to plan, to communicate, to pick up, to wrap and to drop off.  Then there are the people I need to see and the places I need to go.   This is just for my personal life.  When you add work on top of that, if feels like a heck of a lot of stuff going on right now.

I am a lister.  I need to write things down and keep referencing back to my list.  The sheer joy of striking something off my list makes me so happy.  I especially like to review all of my “strikes” at the end of the day because the feeling of accomplishment is so immense.

My friend sent me this article a while ago and filed it so that I could refer back to it every once in awhile.   Well, I just looked at it again today.

I really liked what this author had to say about 2 lists and to use those as your guide as you navigate throughout your day.

I wanted to share it with you and I hope you will find it useful as you bustle through this season.  Merry Christmas!




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