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Nothing is as powerful as colour when it comes to branding and advertising. There have been attempts to classify consumer responses to colour, but the truth is that the reaction is mostly dependent on personal experiences. This has never been clearer than recently with our provincial and federal elections.

When starting a branding project we invest lots of time into researching the business, competitors and understanding target audience. This becomes the basis for how we make decisions about colour palettes. In a perfect world this would be it. We would make our recommendations, the client would be happy and smooth sailing would ensue. However in reality, personal experiences take over and suddenly there is no blue, no red and no orange allowed. Sometimes even no green.

Right now, clients don’t want consumers associating their brand with a particular political party and quickly start making decisions on this alone. While I don’t disagree that this should be a consideration in certain sectors, its important to remember the consumer and what will appeal to them and what makes the most sense for your business. Blue may be the colour of the PCs but it can also be useful for calming (think water) or in another context to create a sense of sadness or cold.

In an industry where everything is subjective, it’s hard to be objective. Working closely with your agency or designer and being able to have open conversations about colour is an important step to making sure the result is effective. Otherwise, all the designs you would see from me would be some form of grey. Or black.

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