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There are two things you’re going to want to have when you read this blog post:

A smartphone with a camera
A scanning app

Not sure what a scanning app is or why you would need/want it?  Not to worry, you’ll find out.

Not sure what a smartphone is?  Just stop reading.  The rest of this likely won’t interest you and just know that it’s time for a new phone.

This is a QR or “Quick Response” code:

If you haven’t already seen them in advertising, invites, blogs, etc. It’s just a matter of time.  We’ve all seen a barcode and that’s what these are but now they actually pertain to you. Some smarty pants people decided to broaden the barcode scope.  Think marketing.  Think using the camera in a mobile phone to scan codes to automatically display product information, show videos, insert contact information into your address book, schedule events into calendars, link to blogs and tons of other really cool stuff.

Need more proof that it’s actually useful?  Apparently these are WAY old news in über tech savvy Japan.

The camera on your phone can read the codes IF you have downloaded a free scanning app and IF your phone is compatible.

Now I’m not going to regurgitate Wikipedia for you or tell you all you need to know about QR codes and scanning.  If you are reading this, you know how to use the Internet and I’m guessing you also know how to use Google.

But I’m not going to just leave you hanging either.  Here’s a really great link to get you scanning:

The site is pretty informative but know that it’s not the only way to read and generate QR codes.  There are other sites out there.

A few more links for you lazy info junkies:

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