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Every once in a while someone suggests we should understand each other better and hauls out the old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I say, hey, great, who should I be today, and start in on the hour of boss-sanctioned internet survey time.

I mean really, I’m all for the self-awareness, so long as I get to be Voldermort. Though apparently I don’t.

By my count our office has a Draco Malfoy, a Fred Weasley, a Remus Lupin, 2 Severus Snapes, 2 Albus Dumbledores and a Neville Longbottom. I’m thinking our plotline is big on accountability, motivation and helping and short on reckless. Which is about what you’d expect for a strategic marketing firm.

Not a fan of Harry Potter? Check out who you’d be if you were Disney-fied, or other fictional characters. And just in case you think those Potter MBTIs were bogus (yeah, I heard the rumbles), here’s a different take on it.

* Hope you got the giggle!

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