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I just have to share.

I work with Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta as one of the Board of Directors as well as Chair their Communications Committee.  Yesterday I was coming out of our communications meeting held at the House when I was suddenly stopped at the door, with a little hand “halting” me.

“Hi” said an adorable little girl stopping me in my tracks.

I crouched down and said “Hi back.  What’s your name?”

“Alexis” she said as she started to play with my jewelry.

“How old are you Alexis? (Five) Where do live?  (I can’t remember).  What’s your favourite room in the House?  (The Magic Room!)  I asked “So what brings you to the House?”

“My baby brother is really small and needs to be in the hospital”  (I found out later she was talking about Baby Levi who is 2.5 months old and has spent over 60 days in ICU at the Royal Alex).

Asking me a stream of questions like any 5 year old would, she said, “I really like those (as she played with my bracelets).  Can I try them on?  Where did you get them?  I really like your necklace?  I really like your ring too? Can I try that on? Can I have them?”

I had 2 necklaces on and gave her all my bracelets, ring and one of my necklaces to try on for size.  She spotted one I was holding back on; my very special necklace given to me by my husband on our anniversary, which I never take off.  “I really like that necklace with an “R” on it.  Can I try that one on too?”

I said “But then you’ll be RA-lexis”

She said, “I don’t care” waiting with outstretched palms. So I shared that too.

After I took all my jewelry off, putting it on her, she asked,  “Can you take a picture of me?”

So I did.


Then her 3-year-old sister Mikaila came running down the hall to join us.  We had to stop the impromptu photo shoot so she could share some of her/my bracelets with her sister.

I was then directed to resume the picture snapping.

She said, “Wait a sec, I need to pose.  Let me lift my left.”

So she did.


Then dad came down the hall to check out all the commotion.  We engaged in conversation as he proudly showed me pictures of all his 4 kids and shared about baby Levi.  Turns out they are from Saskatchewan and he and his wife along with their 4 children have made Ronald McDonald House their second home for quite some time now.

Then Alexis and Mikaila’s brother Kyler joined in. Kyler is also sick as he waits for a kidney transplant and was recently featured in this video shot at the House.

When Kyler introduced himself, he reached out to shake my hand with a big beaming smile.  At one time, all 3 of them Kyler, Alexis and Mikaila, were trying to shake my hand, check out my jewelry, ask me 18 questions and talk to me all at once.  It pretty much felt just about as amazing as being tackled by a pack of puppies.

Kyler asked, “Where are you going?  (I have to go to work)  Where?  (Downtown)  Why are you here?  (I work with the House; I work on something called a Board).  Well if you are going downtown to work, how can you work here at the House? (We have meetings and we all just email each other).

Then I giggled to myself as I realized this spectacular kid was interrogating me.  I loved it.

As I tried to inch my way out the door, they all asked, “When are you coming back?”

I said “Very soon.”

Just added to my To Do list; stop by the toy store to grab some jewelry for the girls and something for Kyler because they pretty much penetrated my heart.

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