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So it’s 57 days until Christmas.

Okay, okay stop with the hate. I’m not really the countdown to Christmas type. My point though was to be a transition into the topic of pop up retailers.

We (zag) had posted an article on Facebook a while back from brandchannel about Toys R Us and its plans for retail pop ups during the Christmas season. When I read about it I thought probably what a lot of people thought – Why didn’t they do this years ago?

As I run around doing my Christmas shopping on December 23 it pains me to have to waste crucial shopping time driving to the Toys R Us in the middle of nowhere. A pop up would solve that problem for me.

Now the buzz has died down a bit on the holiday pop ups (After all, they will be setting up shop next week) but the pop up idea is being used as a branding and promotional tool which is a bit of a cool new twist. Just one example is Disney’s plan for a TRON pop up in L.A. to promote the movie release.

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