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Before I was in the marketing business, I never really noticed advertising and marketing the way I notice it now.  As an example, I look at photos used in campaigns and I notice everything in that shot. I have developed a deep appreciation of what it takes to get that perfect picture because there is a lot that goes into capturing the photo that ultimately gets chosen to be used in published marketing collateral.

We’ve been on full day photo shoots, taking hundreds of pictures to get that one perfect image and unless you are in the business, it’s difficult to understand and appreciate everything involved in building a successful campaign.

We recently had a photo shoot in preparation for a campaign we were working on.  There was sourcing the talent, assessing the talent and then getting the client to approve our talent recommendations.  Then there is all the logistical preparation prior to the photo shoot day.  Then the big day arrives and on the day of the photo shoot, the talent all show up and we work with them to capture the shot we are going for.

It’s all very fun and extremely rewarding when what we were envisioning, makes its way to the street especially knowing how much effort and planning it took to get it there.

The other day, I came across this article on something I had never heard of before.  Just coming off reviewing people’s faces in preparation for our photo shoot, I found it very intriguing.

It’s called the Flashed Face Distortion Effect

Pretty crazy.  Who knew?

So note to self, next time we’re combing through photos, we are best to do them one at a time.

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