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Prickly or Fuzzy?

Prickly or Fuzzy?

We all have different perceptions. It is what makes us unique. One individual’s perception of a company, product, or situation may be the complete opposite of another’s.

I always find this interesting from a marketing and advertising standpoint, as it is our job as spin doctors to change and direct perceptions. Whether it is trying to sell a product, a service, gather donations or brand a company, perception is everything. This marketing concept transitions to real life as well, as we all have different perceptions of people.

One person may have a completely different perception of us than another. Perhaps they meet us on an up day, or a day where we are feeling a little insecure. Perhaps we just had a great win in our lives, or maybe we just experienced a huge loss. It is important to be true to who you are, but also to realize that sometimes maybe your perception of someone wasn’t quite on the mark.

I invite you to think about your perceptions of the world at large and appreciate that you are different than everyone else.

It is what makes life so exciting.

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