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I was famished.  Sitting in the lineup in my car at Tim Hortons in between appointments, I needed to grab a quick bite.  I saw this young guy waiting in front of me all set to turn into the drive thru line as well.  As we faced each other, we did our best sign language as I tried to ask him “Are you going next?”  He nodded and did a waving motion.  Hmm.  What did that mean?  Is he waving me in before him?  I tried to ask again with a questioning face “Are you going?”.  Another wave.  I think that means he wants me to go next so I started to turn in…….just as he was.  Shoot!  I cut him off.  Whoops.  Now I feel like a jerk.  I felt bad as I looked at him in the rearview mirror waiting to see a disgruntled face but there wasn’t one.

I am a big fan of treating people the way I like to be treated so when I got up to the young woman at the drive-thru window, I asked if I could pay for whatever the young man behind me, ordered.   I gladly turned over the $3.65 in hopes of brightening his day.

I have been on the receiving end of acts of kindness and it renews your faith in the world. I also believe in “paying it forward” because it feels amazing.  I find if I look around and pay attention, I can always see little things that I can do to make a positive impact.  It could be as simple as holding the door for someone or thanking them when they do it for me, buying someone a coffee, plugging someone’s meter or stepping up to help someone who appears to be struggling.  I really believe that it’s those little random acts of goodness that make this world a better place.

Now, how does that pertain to advertising and marketing you ask?  Well my friend just passed this video on to me and I thought it was very relevant as it came to me a day after my drive thru experience.

So I’m just taking that as a message from the Universe that I’m on the right track by choosing to have that attitude.

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