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Is it just me or is it the age?

Finding myself in my early forties, it appears the older I get, the more I seem to think that there are a number of benefits that come with age.

I’ve come to realize that what years ago, seemed to be big stuff, in reality, just isn’t that big.  The stuff that seemed to matter more than anything simply doesn’t.  In the self-absorption of my youth, things that I’d walk right by without even a second thought, those same things seems to captivate my attention now.  Sometimes it feels like I’m seeing things through a new set of glasses.

In my humble opinion, I believe we gain more than just years of experience, as we get older.

We gain perspective.

What I’ve been really appreciating lately are the amazing people I’ve been having the opportunity to meet and talk to.  It’s true.  Everyone does have a story and I find myself so genuinely intrigued by people and listening to what they have to say.

I just came back from my first trip to New York.  It struck me when I stood in the streets and listened to all of the different languages around me, the sights and sounds of such a diverse melting pot of people.  I was moved by the history behind Pier 17, as this was the origin whereby immigrants poured in after travelling in the belly of a boat for 6 days without sunlight and little to eat or drink fleeing war torn countries.

The first sight of freedom in a new land, the Statue of Liberty. I stared at her and thought how beautiful she must have been to them.

They arrived and poured onto the streets with nothing, 12 people living in a 1-room apartment, having to go to a public bathhouse and restroom.  Yet I was so inspired.  They came from great suffering, joined into the fabric with the locals, created opportunities for themselves and have built an energetic thriving city the world comes to visit.

I am always so inspired by the strength of the human spirit.  How ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

It makes me want to strive to be extraordinary as well.

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