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Ok, so I admit, on a daily basis I am one of those people who talks on the phone while I am driving and texts/emails from time to time as well. Over the years, I have tried to do it less and less, because I know it is not a good thing, but I find myself still being drawn to my iphone in the car. Not enough hours in the day, to much to do, whatever the reason, I seem to be on the phone in one way or another at a very dangerous time.

The buzzing, incoming emails, phone calls, messages, they never stop.

More than a handful of times I have looked up just at the last minute and hit the brakes, only to stop inches from the car in front of me. Why? Because I am driving and not paying attention to the road as much as the communication device in my hand. I make a promise that I won’t do it again and 2 days later, I am caught back in the habit.

Someone that I met with today mentioned Oprah’s No Phone Zone to me and invited me to visit a video clip online.

I viewed it tonight and wanted to share it with anyone who has ever talked on the phone or texted/emailed while driving.

It is a moving video and I believe it has finally hit the message home for me.

Let’s be honest, is that email/phone call/text message really THAT important?

Interested in your thoughts on the topic. Are you guilty? Did you feel that this clip provided you with a real understanding on the impact that your busy life may have on someone else’s family or future?

Let me know.

In the meantime, I am going to lock my iphone in the trunk while I am on the road.

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  1. Midtown says:

    Wow. Good for you. It may extend your life. Not a bad thing at all. Do you really put it in your trunk? M

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