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So with week three almost coming to a close for a new addition to the zag creative group team – Colin Liden – it really reminds me how lucky I am to be able to work with such talented people every single day.

Adding a new and first addition to the company has been rewarding and exciting.

To have the opportunity to build a culture, and a company with talented partners and people, is something that cannot be expressed in words. Creativity, strategy, and results need to be built in an environment that truly lives and breathes a healthy workspace and culture. And, I have the opportunity to do it with like minded people.

Now that we have hired and continue to grow after just six and a half months in business, we have the opportunity to share this vision with team members and create an amazing company. A company that individuals want to be a part of, and don’t see coming to work every day as a job, but as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. An opportunity to truly feel engaged, challenged and most importantly, have fun.

I am excited, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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  1. Colin Liden says:

    In reply to Alyson’s notes, upon completing week 7, as the new kid on the block (no pun intended), and still wearing fabulous outfits that have yet to be repeated, it is I who am lucky. The zag team has welcomed me with open arms. This company ROCKS!!!!!! I look forward to growing and expanding with the partners. For any of you creative types out there, come in and check us out.

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