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Three days have lapsed since (what seems like) everyone made a promise to practice healthier eating habits, improve spending patterns and become a better person.

Never mind the past 72 hours, this morning alone, I consumed pizza for breakfast, bought three more variations of the same shirt I already own online and laughed when I saw a kid slip on a patch of ice outside.

If you’re feeling as though 2014 has already brought about means for wallowing in self-despair over an inessential contract with yourself, stop! It turns out only eight per cent of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually stick to them.

The problem? Ambiguous aspirations and competing priorities often prevent us from achieving our goals. Lessen your tall order by simplifying what it is you want to do and then implement metrics accordingly i.e. I’m going to practice healthier eating habits by eating less pizza for breakfast – say, just once a week? I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you find that there is absolutely no room for self-improvement in your life, well, perhaps you can aim to live this year like Kanye West’s last. Totally attainable.

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