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Mama Mia. It's a National Pizza Month

October pays homage to my favourite food: pizza! In celebrating its well-deserved, month-long recognition, I thought it would be appropriate to share some facts about the delectable dish that knows no boundaries.

1. In America, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second.

2. Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada.

3. NASA is developing 3D printers that can print pizzas for astronauts.

4. Domino’s Pizza cancelled their “30 minutes or less” guarantee in 1993 because their drivers caused accidents while rushing to deliver pizzas on time.

5. The current world record in pizza eating is Cristian Dumitru of Romania, who in 2006 managed to eat 200 pounds of pizza in a week.

6. The longest delivery happened in 2004 when vegetarian pizza was transported from Feltham, England to Melbourne, Australia, on a journey over 10,000 miles.

7. Most would never guess it, but pizza originally started off as a dish for poor people, sold in the streets and not a food for upper class people.

8. The most popular pizza topping is pepperoni.

9. In 1970, the average slice of pizza had 500 calories. Now, it’s up to 850 calories!

10. The most expensive pizza ever created cost $2,745 and contained edible gold topping.


I conducted a survey around the office to gather a taste of what everyone’s favourite pies are. Can you guess whose is whose?

a. Fred’s Special from Royal Pizza

b. Ham and Pineapple from Boston Pizza

c. Spinach and Feta from Boston Pizza

d. Treatzza Pizza from Dairy Queen (should this person be disqualified?)

e. Sal’s Deluxe from Tony’s Pizza

f. Primavera from Famoso

g. Abruzzo from Famoso

h. Ham and Pineapple from Funky Pickle

i. Italian Pepperoni from D’Amore’s

j. Veggie korma from Panago


ɐuᴉɹʇɐʞ ˙ɾ ǝǝlᴉɹɐɯ ˙ᴉ ʇʇoᴉllǝ ˙ɥ ˙ǝᴉuǝl ˙ƃ ǝllǝɥɔᴉɯ ˙ɟ ɥɐuuɐɥ ˙ǝ ǝᴉɯɐɾ ˙p ɐuᴉɹʇ ˙ɔ ɐpuoɹ ˙q uosʎlɐ ˙ɐ


If you’ve missed out on honouring the cheesy, saucy, doughy, delight that is the ‘za, don’t fret. You still have 22 blissful days left to indulge. What better way to prepare for winter?


Bon appétit!

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