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Infographic_Final_English_JPEG_Jan23This past Monday, the Royal Canadian Mint ceased its distribution of pennies to banks and retailers across the country. Though most people are in favour of the pesky coin’s oblivion, I’m left wondering: what will become of its non-monetary incumbencies? Are its immediate kinfolk, the nickel and the dime, appropriate candidates for providing luck? Granting wishes in fountains? Distinguishing my loafers? I’m not so sure.

While still in circulation, here are some things you can buy with the one-cent piece:

One sheet of 20lb copy paper

58 meters of a flight from Edmonton to Toronto

5.5 seconds of a two-hour movie in theatres

One milligram of silver

One twenty-seventh of an egg

If these suggestions seem impractical to you, consider donating your copper currency to one (or more) of the many charities cashing in on the penny’s extinction.

Want more of my thoughts? A new plastic bank note will act as a sufficient substitute.

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