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I’ve been thinking lately about what are the things that personally inspire me and where do I find my inspiration. I would even venture to say I’ve been on a hunt for it.

In my quest, I discovered some neat things.

First off, I realized that I needed to ignite this effort.  What that looked like for me is to set an intention, ask the question and then just let it go. When I do that, I find myself consciously becoming open and aware.  It’s almost like setting the stage and then waiting for the performance to show up.

Then I started noticing things.  Things that I usually don’t.  I woke up one morning to the melodious sound of birds.  I just lay there lingering on every beautiful note and amazed how each bird had a different song.  I recall really listening intently as if for the very first time and just being in awe.  Then while on my way to work, I noticed a couple of birds dancing in the sky.  I found myself captivated how they could rise and swoop in seconds with total control and beauty.

How did I know it was something that inspired me both times?

My face gave it away.  I caught myself smiling.  I realized at that moment, that nature really inspires me.

It happened again after a lunch with a friend.   I sat and listened to an incredibly busy person, who really didn’t have time for me in their day, share what it meant to them, to stop and connect with me.  Then out of the blue, they expressed a willing heart to support me in a charitable effort that I’m involved with and is really important to me.  I drove away reflecting on our lunch and there it was again.  Another smile.

I realized that great and kind people inspire me.

Lastly, I happened upon a couple of little girls who had set up an “ice tea” stand.  I immediately pulled over, walked up and asked the budding entrepreneurs “How much for your delicious ice tea?”  They smiled up with toothless grins, “One dollar please”.  I fished in my wallet and produced two loonies, one for each girl and said, “I only need one please”.  I took a sip, thanked them profusely “Wow, I needed that.  Good work girls!” (Even though it was waaaay too sweet).  As I drove away, I saw their gleeful giggles as if they hit the mother load and found myself smiling once more.

I realize the honesty and innocence of children inspire me.

So these days, I’m keeping close tabs now on my smile, to see what else my face gives away.

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