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Moving? Remember your online presence.

Congratulations, you found the perfect new space for your business. You have the new location, the movers and all your things packed. Is that it? Not quite…

Use this checklist to ensure your online presence is up to date, and your customers and clients are well aware!


Social Media

Change your address

  • Take note of all your active social media properties like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Only change your address once you are officially in the new space.
  • Are you anywhere else online? Google your business name and discover which directories have you listed. Inform them of your new address.
  • Don’t forget review sites like Yelp and FourSquare as your clients or customers may have added your details without your knowledge.

Post about your move

  • Whenever it is that you decide to let your clients/customers know about your move, let your social following know as well. This announcement will vary depending on a lot of factors, but you should definitely give your following a heads up in the week before.
  • Will you be closed? Ensure you post about any closures, or delays customers and clients may experience because of this move.

Capture the move

  • Take advantage of this content and capture images of your old space, the moving process and the new space.
  • Share these images across the appropriate profiles through individual posts, albums and cover photos.


Google My Business

  • Update your Google My Business listing with your new address. This will update your Google+, Google maps and Google search listing.
  • Don’t have a Google My Business listing? Every business should – find out how to get yours here.


Website & Blog

  • Update your address in the footer, contact page and anywhere else your address is listed.
  • Use your blog to post important information about your move. This can include:
    • Date your moving
    • New address
    • Days you are closed
    • How to contact your business during the move
    • Why you are moving
    • Photos of the moving process
  •  Does your old space need a new tenant? Everyone needs some good karma! Help out your landlord/realtor by posting about the space your leaving. Don’t forget contact info!



  • If you utilize email newsletters as part of your digital strategy, ensure you include information about your move in your next couple campaigns.
  • If you send newsletters infrequently, create a campaign to specifically announce the move. Include important details like move date, closures, delays and the new address.


Email Signature/Out of Office

  • Give your clients and customers plenty of notice by adding your new address and move date with a short blurb to your email signature.
  • Once you’re in the new space, encourage email recipients to take note of your new address. *Don’t forget to remove this after a couple months or weeks depending on your preferences.
  • Closed on moving day? Use your ‘out of office’ to let customers and clients know you’re currently closed, your new address, and the day you will be back open for business.

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