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It might be because I’m a parent. It might be because most days I feel like I’m pretending to be an adult or it might just be because I’m in the market for a new pet. I was excited to hear an old manuscript from Dr. Seuss just turned up (What Pet Should I Get?).

Other than the fact that I only take advice if it rhymes (don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time), I love Dr. Seuss. I also understand this book means big business. The cynic in me has to wonder, is this really a long lost book that was just put aside and forgotten about only to be rediscovered? I dunno about you, but the things that get lost in my office are more along the lines of cough candies and random notes that make little sense when discovered later because they’ve been written in an uncrackable code.

Cynicism aside, I will get the book. I will read it to my daughter. So well played newly discovered Seuss book/big business. Well played.

Okay, not all cynicism is aside.

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