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I wanted to share a video that was brought to my attention yesterday by Brittney LeBlanc.

I think it is a great example of awareness that can be gained virally with a limited budget.

Sometimes, it just takes that good idea, and the right execution to make a stir.

The clincher, and unless you spend a lot of time in Winnipeg you may not know this, the “spokesman” in the video is Andy Hill of Kern Hill Furniture. This is a spoof on the ads that they do for their business. You don’t need to know this to think that the ad is great however, it is just an added layer.

Well done Winnipeg Humane Society.

One response to “Kitty Cats and a brilliant idea from the Winnipeg Humane Society”

  1. That WAS brilliant. My favorite part was when he said you could use a cat to cover a hole in the sofa, had the sofa marked with a duct tape x and then “dropped” the kitty down directly on the x that marked the spot. The whole thing was priceless though. Good job.

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