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As zag creative’s Social Media Specialist, needless to say, I spend a lot of time on social media and I love it. Endlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn isn’t a time-waster for me; it’s my job. And with the title of Specialist, I feel like I’m entitled to a rant or two about posts that irk me on Facebook. People use social media for different things and there is no right or wrong topic to post about, but some posts just really bother me and make me hover over the “Unfriend” button before realizing I’m not brave enough to actually go through with it.

If you do post one of the following types of post, don’t take it personally, these are just my opinions. If I had my way, everyone would only share cute pictures of dogs on Facebook.

  1. One like = one prayer. I get it. 99% of the time your great-aunt Barbara shares a post encouraging people to share, comment, or like it to support a cause or initiative, it’s because she’s well-meaning. If a post is doing a good job at spreading awareness or raising donations for a charity or event, that’s one thing. But posts that make you feel guilty for scrolling past, or say “Like if you agree, don’t like if you’re the worst person in the world”  have no place in my news feed. They remind me of those chain emails I’d get in junior high that would say “Forward this to 3 friends, or else you’ll never find true love and you’ll lose all of your toes.”
  2. Vague or attention seeking posts. Nothing bothers me quite like attention seeking and so when somebody makes a vague post like “On my way to the hospital” with no context, it doesn’t fly with me. If you have something to share, share it but if you make a post like that, chances are I’m not going to ask for further details.
  3. Offensive posts. Genuinely you’re allowed to share what you want on social media; that’s one of the things that makes online platforms great. It’s a place to share opinions, thoughts, and what matters to you — but there’s a limit and definitely such a things as being too opinionated and too offensive. Honestly, I get pleasure sometimes reading intense Facebook comment debates that go nowhere, but if you’re posting something just for the reason of being offensive, maybe think again.
  4. Anything with a minion on it. I haven’t seen Despicable Me, nor do I feel the need to, but even if that movie was the Pulp Fiction of our generation, there would still be absolutely no need to take a photo of a minion in an “adorable pose” and put it next to a quote that’s semi-relatable about Mondays being the woorrssstt but completely irrelevant to minions. Make it stop.
  5. Sharing a picture by screenshotting it. This one is a little more specific, but have you ever seen someone share a photo by taking a screenshot on an iPad or iPhone, and it’s obviously because the menu with the time is at the top? Facebook has a share button. Please use it.
  6. What 18th century poem are you? (or the like). Sure, it might be fun to see what celebrity you’d be if you were the other gender, but we do realize that these mean absolutely nothing, right? Having these as a distraction from all of the depressing, politically charged posts on Facebook is a nice break, but it goes too far when people take it way too seriously and say they always knew they were a triangle.

I love social media for the value it gives with creating community and having authentic conversation. Don’t take this post as “Rules” for social media because I get that everyone uses it differently, but be weary if you are friends with me on Facebook, that I might be judging you a little bit the next time I see a post with a minion on it.

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