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It's the little things...

Any creative person knows that inspiration can come from some weird places at times. Recently, some of my most creative moments happen just by looking at random things on my desk.

Two things in particular have been bringing me little extra joy lately that I thought I’d share.

My mini-notepad:
Not only do I find this miniature notepad hilariously novel, but for some reason every time I use it to write an idea down, my thoughts become more focused and clear as a result of having to write so small and concentrated to fit word onto the page. To be honest though, it just makes me smile.
mini notepad



Pasquale the tiny dinosaur Pasquale:
My tiny dinosaur pal. Pasquale was given to me by Hannah awhile back and has been an active participant in all my brainstorming ever since. Yes, he’s a bit grumpy in the morning but he really lightens up after lunch.


They’re just too adorable to keep to myself and the fact that there are mini puts their cuteness levels through the roof.

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