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Hi. My name is Shannon and I am an Apple-holic (seems legit).

It started with my iPod – classic, then touch.

Through the process of evolution I moved on (or moved up) to my iPhone. Up next was my iMac (well it’s actually a MacBook Pro – but that just doesn’t sound the same). iPhoto, iCal, iTunes… all I have to do is plug my phone into it and the two of them just sync up like bffs. How did I live without this?

Then came my iPad – It does basically everything my iPhone and iMac do combined into one convenient and sleek tablet– so obviously I needed this. All I have to do is turn on iCloud and it will sync up with my phone and computer.

A few weeks ago, one of my roomies walked into my room to find me sitting on my bed, iPod hooked up and pumping beats, iPhone plugged in to my right receiving my iMessages, iPad to my left displaying my email and my iMac (or MacBook Pro – for those who like to be technical) on my lap. She stood at my doorway for a minute with a furrowed brow and said “Bud – you have a problem…” I began to wonder, how was I sitting there literally surrounded by four “do it all” devices?

I didn’t think much of it again until tragedy struck – I lost my iPhone. With my luck the battery was dead so “Find my iPhone” was not the hero in my story. My world was shattered. I had an old Blackeberry that I hooked up for a few days so I could “stay connected” while I tried to find my other half but it never turned up. I could have just kept using it, I mean it’s a perfectly good phone and my wallet would have been happy but it just didn’t feel right so I took the financial hit and replaced my iPhone at full price, turned on iCloud, waited a few minutes for my devices to get “reacquainted” and just like that my devices were bffs once again. Things felt right.

Then I really started to wonder… How did Apple get me hooked? Here’s what I came up with…

If you take a look at Apple’s marketing tactics you will see that they have one key selling feature for every individual product but they also use that same selling feature to tie each product to the next and sell them as set.

Being the marketer that I am, I came up with a term and catch phrase for this, which I am sure that Apple will be approaching me about any day now.

iMarketing: selling convenience over and over and over again.


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